How to work the knitted turned hem

What is a knitted turned hem?

The knitted turned hem creates such a nice, clean edge and it allows you to have a flat, non-rolling stockinette stitch hem! Here it is pictured in my Acadia Loop neckwarmer:

Let me show you how you do it when working in the round from the bottom-up, just like in this neckwarmer.

  • You start by casting-on and working in plain stockinette stitch in the round for about 1″.
  • Then you work a purl round (to create a ridge), following by another 1″ of stockinette stitch.
  • Then comes the turning part…

Flip the hem up so that your purl ridge is now the bottom edge and the cast-on stitches are lined up next to (and to the left) of your “live” stitches on the left needle.

The next step will be to knit into your “live” stitch AND the corresponding cast-on stitch and knit them together. Sounds a little tricky but once you do the first couple it’s so easy! My video tutorial below shows you exactly how to do it: