Turned Hem in Winslow Park Cowl

Ready to work the Turned Hem in the Winslow Park Cowl? My photo tutorials below will walk you through how to do it! I’ve divided it into 2 sections – the “Turned Hem Prep” and then the actual working of the “Turned Hem.” Also, after reviewing the photos below, I recommend that you watch my video tutorial where I demo this technique – it was for a different pattern but the steps I perform are the same.

The Prep Work…

Before you work the turned hem, there are just 2 steps you want to do first – weave in your cast-on edge tail and then mark your last cast-on stitch with a removable marker. Let me show you how this is done:

Thread your cast-on edge tail through a tapestry needle.
Then, insert the tapestry needle into the cast-on stitch that is to the left, as illustrated above.
Then pull the tapestry needle through – it will now look like this.
Then attach a removable marker to this loop – this is considered your last cast-on stitch.
Then just weave the tail end in the inside (wrong side) of your work and trim it. You are now ready to work your turned hem!

Working the Turned Hem Technique…

With left hand, fold under hem so the purl ridge is now on the bottom. Then insert right needle into next stitch on left needle knitwise.
Then holding cast-on edge parallel to live stitches, insert right needle tip into the first cast-on edge “V” (the upper leg) – this is the “V” to the left of the removable marker (since that is marking your last cast-on stitch).
Then wrap working yarn around the right needle and knit these 2 stitches together.
You’ve worked your first turned hem stitch!
You’ll repeat that for all stitches. So for the second one, insert right needle into next stitch on left needle.
Use left hand to turn cast-on edge up so you can see cast-on “V” stitches. Insert right needle into the upper leg of the next “V” stitch you see and then knit the 2 stitches together.
Continue like this for all stitches in the round.
When you get to the last stitch (the one with the marker), insert right needle into cast-on edge, then remove marker and knit the 2 stitches together.
Your turned hem is now complete!

Trouble picking up the cast-on edge stitch? Try this!

If you have trouble picking up cast-on edge stitch, you can use a small DPN to help – just insert the DPN into the stitch like this (from back to front).
Then transfer the stitch from the DPN to the right needle.

I hope the above photos helped to visualize the turned hem process in the Winslow Cowl! Remember to watch the turned hem video that I mentioned at the beginning (also linked here) to see it in-action.