Working the Underarm Divide in Brookdale

In the Underarm Divide section you are separating the vest into 3 parts – the Left Front, the Back and the Right Front. From this point forward you will be working each of these parts separately up to the shoulders (starting with the Right Front). So in the Underarm Divide section you place the Left Front and Back stitches on holders where they will ‘rest’ while you work the other section.

The Underarm Divide section of Brookdale is divided into 7 steps. I walk you through the entire process in the video below! Before you check it out, here are some things I wanted to mention:

  • It’s a long-ish video at just over 14 minutes, but it may be especially helpful if you have never worked an underarm divide in a bottom-up garment before.
  • Just like my previous “Body Underarm” video, I’m using my double-stranded version in the demo, but the techniques are the same regardless of whether you are single-stranding or double-stranding.
  • In the video, I transfer stitches using a tapestry needle and scrap yarn. This is the most common method you will see for this technique, but since creating the video I have started using stitch holder cords and it’s become my favorite method! They are more costly than just using scrap yarn, but worth the investment if you find yourself knitting a lot of seamless garments. You can read more about stitch holder cords in this blog post.

Ready to watch the lesson? Click the video below!