How to work a drop stitch

A drop stitch pattern is created by working a row (or round) where a series of yarn-overs are made, and then on the next row (or round), when you encounter these yarn-overs, you slide them off the needle. This creates a row of elongated stitches – a neat affect, especially when it’s paired with Garter stitch as I did in the above photo, in my Addilyn Capelet.

The photo tutorial below shows how to work a “k1, yarn-over (YO)”. You can also watch my video tutorial here.

1) To work a YO, bring yarn to the front of work and then over the top of the right needle…2) Then insert right needle into next stitch on left needle and 3) knit the next stitch.

And in this photo tutorial, I show you how to drop the YO’s on the next row (or round):

1) When you encounter a YO… 2) Using your finger, slide it to the end of the left needle and 3) Let it fall off the needle.