Study Buddy Mitts Thumbhole – Row 3

In section 2 of the pattern you work 3 rows to create the thumbhole. On this page I provide photo tutorials of the different techniques used in Row 3 of this section.

Step 1:

1. Work to 1 stitch before first marker.

2. Work a “kfb” into next stitch and then remove marker.

3. Work “sl1 pwise wyib” as follows: insert right needle into next stitch on left needle as if to purl & slide it onto the right needle.

4. Then insert left needle into 2nd-stitch-in on the right needle.

5. …And lift it up and over the last stitch and off the right needle.

6. You’ll then knit to marker, remove marker. k2tog as follows: insert right needle into next 2 stitches & knit them together.