Stevie Tips

Welcome to my Stevie tips page! This page provides tips and tutorials to help you make your own Stevie top. Please note: a new version of Stevie (3.0) was released in late June 2021 and it included 5 additional sizes as well as some verbiage/layout updates. If you purchased the original Stevie and did not receive the update, please reach out to me!

Gauge Swatch In the Round:

Although Stevie starts by working back-and-forth (as you shape the neckline), it’s joined to work in the round after the neck is shaped and then the remainder of the piece is all worked in the round. This is why it’s important to swatch in the round as your gauge in the round may be different than it is flat. For example, my tension tends to be tighter in the round than flat (because you are’t purling when you work Stockinette stitch in the round and my purl stitches are looser than my knit stitches!). Check out my tutorial (also linked below) to see how to swatch in the round if you are new to this.

Body Shaping Alterations:

One of the biggest questions I get is how to adjust the body shape of Stevie. It’s designed to be A-line but if you prefer no shaping, it’s an easy adjustment to make! The A-line increases are made by working the m1-R and m1-L stitches inside the 2 underarm markers on “Rnd 1 – Inc Rnd” in the body shaping section. So to eliminate this shaping, you just have to omit the m1-R and m1-L instructions where you see them on that round. That’s it!

This also works if you want a little bit of shaping, but maybe not as much as the pattern has. You can work, say, a couple of inc rnds, and then just omit the rest of the m1’s for the remainder of the body.

Making Sleeves Longer:

Check out my blog post here if you are interested in making your Stevie sleeves 3/4 length instead of short! It is based on the updated version of Stevie, so if you are working off of an older version of the pattern, feel free to reach out if you have any issues figuring out which size corresponds to the older pattern version.

Technique Tutorials:

Below are tutorials for all of the techniques used in Stevie…