Ramona Tips

Whether you’re knitting the Ramona Cardigan or the new Ramona Pullover, the tips below might be helpful as you make your own Ramona!

Ramona Cardigan Tips

  • Sizing Labels: In the most recent version of Ramona Cardigan (v3, release April 2020), I added a bunch of sizes, and because of this, it made more sense to label the sizes 1 through 11 (instead of labeling them as XS, S, M, etc.). However, if you want to know which previous size label corresponds to which new size label (if you are looking at finished projects on Ravelry for example), refer to this list below:
    • XXS = size 1
    • XS = size 2
    • S = size 3
    • M = size 4
    • L = size 6
    • XL = size 7
    • 2X = size 8
    • 3X = size 9
  • Picking up Stitches for Buttonbands: Click here for a tutorial from Purl Soho on how to pick up stitches (scroll down to “Along Vertical: Stockinette Stitch”).
  • Attaching Buttons: Click here for a photo tutorial on how to attach your buttons.

Ramona Pullover Tips

  • Swatching: Make sure to do your gauge swatch in the round (since the garment is worked in the round). For instructions on how to do this, check out my video tutorial here.
  • Body Shaping: In the pullover version, you have options for how you want to shape your body (a-line, waist shaped or no shape). Not sure which style is for you? The best way to know is to look through your closet for tops and sweaters that you love to wear and measure them to see the type of body shaping they have. As a pear-shape (my hips are much larger than my bust), I love A-line shapes so that was the version I made for myself. But everyone’s personal style is different so choose a shape that suits you!

Tips That Apply to BOTH Versions

  • Yarn Options: I used the beautiful Quince & Co Osprey yarn, which is an aran/light bulky-weight 100% wool yarn. Note: aran-weight yarn is in between worsted and bulky, so many yarns labeled ‘heavy worsted’ may work well too). Here are some a few other great yarn alternatives (but make sure to check with your LYS to see what other options they may have too!):
    • Berroco Ultra Wool Chunky
    • Malabrigo Worsted or Mecha
    • Ewe Ewe Yarns Baa Baa Bulky
    • Cascade Ecological
    • Lettlopi Istex
    • Manos Wool Clasica or Alegria Grande
    • You can also hold DK-weight yarn doubled to get the right gauge!
  • Long-tail cast-on: I love to use the thumb method of this cast-on. If you prefer using a different type of cast-on, feel free to use your preferred method. Here is a video tutorial for how I work the long-tail cast-on.
  • m1 increases: Click here for my video tutorials about m1-R and m1-L increases.
  • Underarm Divide: Click here for a photo and video tutorials on how the Underarm Divide technique is worked in top-down raglan construction.
  • Knitted-On Cast-on: Check out my video tutorial here.
  • Length: I designed both Ramona’s to be a bit on the cropped side. However, you can make your own Ramona whatever length you like! In both patterns I include notes on how and where to add extra length.