Mountain Laurel Tips

On this page you’ll find tips and tutorials that will help you make your own Mountain Laurel scarf/shawl! I cover the following topics:

Yarn + Color Combo Options

This scarf is worked by double-stranding fingering-weight yarn and working on a US 8 needle. To create the colorful marled affect, a pack of mini skeins is used along with a full “main color” skein – each section of the scarf is created by double-stranding the main color with 1 of the mini skeins (and then switching to a different mini skein in the next section). For example, in my sample I used Manos del Uruguay Fino in the Tea Leaves color for my main color, and then my pack of mini skeins was Mano’s Fino Mini-Skein Set, in the Flora colorway pack:

If you plan to also use this concept (of a main color + mini skein set), I recommend reading this blog post where I discuss how to plot your colors. Alternatively, if you don’t want to double-strand, you can consider using worsted-weight instead – either in 5 different colors or you can choose just 1 or 2 too!


Are you new to double-stranding? If so, check out this tutorial page which includes a video tutorial on double-stranding techniques.

How you wear your Mountain Laurel

With a scarf like Mountain Laurel, there’s lots of different ways you can wear it. Here are my 3 favorite ways:

A kerchief around your neck
A shawl wrapped around your shoulders
Tie it like a scarf and wear on your shoulder

Technique Tutorials:

Below are tutorials for the techniques used in Mountain Laurel: