Joining Panels & Back Neck in Brookdale

Once your shoulder are attached, you can move on to the next 2 sections which are “Join Front Panel Ends” and then “Join Back Neck”. Let me walk you through how both of these sections are worked!

First, here is what your garment will look like once your shoulders are attached:

In the “Join Front Panel Ends” section we will attach the panel ends together. This is done by transferring the stitches from holders onto 2 needles and then working the Three Needle Bind-Off technique (just like we did with the shoulders). And then in the “Join Back Neck” section we will pick-up stitches along the side of the panels, transfer the Back stitches from the holder to another circ, and then work the Three Needle Bind-Off to attach them together. Once these sections are complete, your piece will look like this:

I created a full video lesson that shows you how to work both of these sections. In addition, I show you how I weave in ends to cinch up any holes that may appear during this process. You can watch the lesson below! If you prefer photo tutorials of each of these steps, scroll down below the video and you’ll find those photos/instructions of each step. Also, if you need a bit more help with how to “pick-up and knit”, I also demonstrate this technique in this video – it’s for a different design but the technique is the same and could be helpful if you are brand new to this.

Video Lesson of Joining Panels & Joining Back Neck

Photo Tutorials of Joining Panels & Joining Back Neck


Step 1: Position work so RS’s of each Front panel are facing each other (WS facing you).

Step 2: Transfer sts held for Left Front panel onto one of US 8/5 mm circs.

Step 3: Then transfer sts held for Right Front panel onto other US 8/5 mm circ.

Step 4: Using long tail from Left Front panel, work the Three Needle Bind-Off technique to attach panel ends together.


Step 1: Position work so RS of Back is facing you, and Front panels are above.

Step 2: Using one of US 8/5mm circs, pick up 2 sts to the right of the back neck sts (just pick up – do not knit them after picking up).

Step 3: Then transfer sts held for back neck onto the circ as well.

Step 4: Then pick up 2 sts to the left of the back neck

Step 5: Then turn work so that the Front panels are on top of the Back (RS facing you).

Step 6: With other US 8/5 mm circ, and beginning where Left Front panel meets shoulder, join yarn and pick up and knit 23 sts along Left Front Panel edge (to center where panel ends were joined) – this works out to approx 2 sts for every 3 rows.

Step 7: Then pick up and knit 23 sts in the same manner along Right Front panel edge to shoulder (note: it might be helpful to place a removable marker before you pick up Right Front panel to make counting easier)

Step 8: Position work so RS’s are together and WS facing you (with Fronts on top of Back)

Step 9: With working yarn still attached to Right Front panel, work the Three Needle Bind-Off to attach Front panel sides to the Back Neck.

And when you flip everything around so RS if facing you again, here it what it all looks like!


You will likely notice little holes at each end of where you attached the front panels to the back neck. Not to worry – this is to be expected and it’s easy to to cinch up! Let me show you how I did it on mine:

Here is where you can see the hole on the side:

Step 1: Thread your tail through a tapestry needle and insert needle into a bottom and top look on the right side of the hole. Then pull the needle through – you’ll see how even just that initial step really cinches up the hole nicely:

Step 2: Then insert the tapestry needle into a loop on the left side of the hole and then pull it through:

Now you just need to weave in the rest of your ends, and then you’ll be ready to block!