Clouds in my Coffee Tips

On this page you’ll find some tips that might help as you make your own Clouds in my Coffee!

Long Tail Cast-On:

I recommend using the long tail cast-on for this pattern (although it’s not critical, if you prefer a different technique). I like the thumb method of this cast-on – click here to watch my video tutorial of this cast-on!

Eyelet Rib Stitch:

Along the Right Front an eyelet rib stitch pattern is worked (which kind of looks like a cable stitch, but it’s not!). Click here to watch my video tutorial to see exactly how to work this stitch pattern!

m1 Increases:

In the raglan shaping, you work m1 (“make one”) increases at each raglan marker (this is how you grow the yoke of the sweater). You will either make an “m1-R” or an “m1-L”. Click here to watch my video tutorial on how to make either of these m1 stitches.

The Underarm Divide

If you have never worked a top-down, seamless sweater before, then working the “Underarm Divide” section can seem a bit confusing. Check out my photo and video tutorial here!