Camden Hills Poncho Tips

On this page you’ll find tips and tutorials for the techniques used in the Camden Hills Poncho.

Making a Smaller Size

Camden Hills Poncho comes in 3 sizes, with the smallest size having a circumference of approx 56.5″/143.5 cm. If you are more on the petite-side and you feel this smallest size is not small enough, check out this blog post where I provide tips on how to make a smaller size!

Long Tail Cast-On

slip 1, k1, psso

As part of the chevron lace stitch pattern, you’ll be instructed to “sl 1, k1, psso” – this stands for “slip 1, knit 1, pass the slipped stitch over”. In other patterns it may be abbreviated as “skp”. Check out my video tutorial below for this!

Wrap & Turn Short Rows

To shape the shoulders, wrap and turn short rows are used. I have a 2-part video tutorial on this technique:

Part 1 – Wrap & Turn:

Part 2 – Knitting or purling wraps as you reach them:

Three Needle Bind-Off: