How to work wrap and turn short rows

Short rows are used in a knitting pattern when you want to create shaping (and “wrap and turn” is one method of working short rows, probably the most common you will find). Specifically, it’s used when you want to create more fabric on one side or one area and not another. For example, short rows are often used to shape shoulders in seamless designs (click here for my blog post about this topic) – I used them in this manner in my Layla cardigan:

As you can see above, a triangle-like shape is created at the shoulders where there is more fabric at the neck side of the shoulder than at the shoulder edge side. Short rows are also used in shawl collar designs to create more fabric around the neck (that you can fold over). I go over this in more detail in this blog post.

Wrap & Turn Short Row Video Tutorials

One of my favorite methods of short rows is wrap and turn short rows. Below are my video tutorials for this technique, worked both in stockinette stitch as well as garter stitch.

Wrap & Turn Short Rows in Stockinette Stitch:

Wrap & Turn Short Rows in Garter Stitch: