How to seam down pocket linings

Below is a tutorial on how to seam down pocket linings:

  • With WS facing you (pocket flap is facing you), pin down pocket sides
  • Using long tail left at top of left side of pocket, thread through tapestry needle. Insert into loop on garment, then insert into outer stitch on pocket lining, then into loop on garment
  • Continue in this manner, inserting needle into outer stitch on pocket lining and then into loop on garment, making sure that the loop you are going into on garment is underneath the previous one inline (so ensure the pocket is sewn in straight).
  • Tip: the loops you see on the garment are either shaped liked a smiling face or a frowning face. Make sure that you stay consistent and always insert needle into the same type of loop as you work your way down.
  • Work in this manner along all 3 sides of pocket (tip: make sure that when you are inserting needle into loop on garment that it is underneath previous loop so that lining is seamed down straight.)