How to work 1 row stripes

In this photo tutorial I’ll be showing you how to work 1 row stripes using 2 colors. I also have a video tutorial if you prefer a live demonstration – click below to view it on YouTube.

I use this technique in my Layla cardigan as well as for the little stripe detail in Audrey’s Cardigan. Typically if you are working flat (i.e, not in the round), it’s impossible to stripe every-other-row without cutting your yarn each time. But if you use the technique I’ve illustrated in these photos you can stripe every-other-row with 2 colors with no cutting!

Step 1: Start with RS facing you, with both the main color and contrasting color on the same side.
Step 2: Start knitting with the main color.
Step 3: At the end of the row, you’ll have your main color at one end and your contrasting color at the other. With RS still facing, do not turn work.
Step 4: With RS still facing you, slide your stitches back to the other end of the needle, where your contrasting color yarn is.
Step 5: Knit across row with your contrasting color yarn.
Step 6: Now both colors are on the same end.
Step 7: Turn work so WS facing you. You will now be working purl rows, starting with main color.
Step 8: Starting with main color, purl across the row
Step 9: At the end of row, you’ll have main color on one end and your contrasting color on the other. With WS still facing you, do not turn work.
Slide stitches back to other end of needle.
Now you are ready to work another purl row, this time with your contrasting color.
Purl across the row with the contrasting color.
All done! Now you start over again, working 2 rows starting with main color.

I hope the above photos were helpful! If you also want to see how I work this technique in an actual sweater, check out the clip below – this video was part of my KAL for Audrey’s Cardigan, and I fast forwarded to the part where I’m about to slide the stitches to the other end of the needle (since that is the part that often people are most confused about):