Saturday Sleeves Tips

On this page you’ll find the following tips for making your own pair of Saturday Sleeves:

  • DPN’s or using the Magic Loop Technique
  • How to wear Saturday Sleeves
  • Adjusting Size
  • Using a different weight

DPNs or Magic Loop Technique

Because this pattern is a small circumference, you’ll need to use either DPN’s (double pointed needles) or work the magic loop technique with a 32″ circular. If you’re interested in working with DPN’s, you can check out my video lesson here. This pattern is perfect for learning or practicing the magic loop technique though – so if you have been curious about this technique or just looking for an opportunity to practice it, I created a video lesson all about magic loop. And, I use the Saturday Sleeves pattern as my demo in this video! I go over everything from the initial joining to work in the round, working the magic loop technique and also how to bind-off when working magic loop. Click here or watch it below!

How to wear them:

These arm warmers are different than typical fingerless mitts because there is no thumb hole – it literally looks like a sleeve! This is actually handy because you can pull them down over your fingers to cover them when you are outside in the cold, but when you need your fingers (such as when your texting, inside a store, driving, etc), you can push them up to your wrist and free up your entire hand.

Wear them over your fingers for more coverage
Or push them down your wrists to free up your entire hand

Sizing and Adjusting:

I provided cast-on numbers for both a small/medium size (fitting a typical woman’s hand) as well as a large/xtra-large size (fitting a typical man’s hand). However, “typical” doesn’t always work since everyone can have different measurements or preferences. So feel free to add more or less stitches to get your preferred fit. If you’re not sure, I recommend making a pair in one of the sizes I provided and then you’ll know moving forward whether or not you prefer more or less stitches (and you can always give away your first pair to someone else whom it might fit better!).

Using a different weight yarn:

The cast-on numbers for this pattern are based on using a worsted-weight yarn. But if you would prefer to use a different weight, check out my cast-on numbers below (s/m size is first number and l/xl size is number in parenthesis)! This are based on average gauge for these particular weights.

fingering6.549 (55)
sport645 (51)
dk5.541 (47)
worsted (listed in pattern)537 (43)
chunky/light bulky430 (34)
bulky3.527 (31)