Salt Marsh Wrap Tips

On this page you’ll find tutorial links for all the techniques used in the Salt Marsh Wrap pattern.

Long-Tail Cast-On:

My preferred cast-on is the long-tail cast-on (although you can use other cast-ons if you prefer). Click here to watch my video tutorial about this cast-on.

Eyelet Lace Stitch Pattern:

The eyelet stitch is created using these stitches: YO, skp and k2tog. If you are new to these stitches, I have a couple of different resources that might be helpful.

Eyelet Stitch Blog Post: I wrote a blog post about eyelet stitches and included some photo tutorials of working k2tog, YO and skp. I was demonstrating a slightly different eyelet stitch, but the techniques used are the same for Salt Marsh Wrap. Click here to view the post.

YouTube Videos: Below are links to my YouTube videos for each of these stitches:

Pattern Alterations:

This pattern is very easy to alter! Here are some tips:

To make it longer: This is the most common alteration. You simply need to just repeat rows 1-12 (of the lace pattern) until about 1″ less than your desired length! Just make sure to purchase extra yarn if you are going to do this.

To make it wider: This scarf is pretty wide as it is (18.5″), but if you want to make it even wider, you just need to cast-on extra stitches. But the number of extra stitches you cast-on must be a multiple of 11. And the total number of stitches cast-on must be a multiple of 11+3.


Blocking is very important when it comes to eyelet lace patterns because it helps to open up the eyelet stitches. Are you new to blocking? Check out my blocking tips here!

Fun Idea:

Because of the width of this wrap/scarf, it can also make a good table runner! You may need to make it longer or shorter depending on where you want to place it. Here’s an example of how it could look on top of a piano (note though: to make it fit on a piano, you will indeed have to make it longer).