Learn to Knit

Want to learn to knit?

If you or someone you know wants to learn to knit, I have a pattern and video tutorials that will show you all of the basics! It’s also helpful if you already know how to knit, but need a bit of a refresh.

The pattern is called The Basics and features 3 beginner patterns: Appleton (a ‘knit every row’ scarf), Bethel (a rib scarf) and Canaan (a textured cowl). Each pattern is also written for 3 different weights of yarn – DK, Worsted or Bulky (so you can choose whichever weight you prefer!). Click here for more pattern details or and to purchase the PDF.

In the pattern I reference the below video tutorials. These videos cover the following techniques:

  • Casting-on
  • The knit stitch
  • The purl stitch
  • Binding-off
  • Joining a new skein of yarn
  • Working back and forth on a circular (if you don’t want to use straight needles)
  • Joining to work in the round (when working on the cowl)

You can watch each of these tutorials below!

How to Cast-On:

In the below video I show you how to work my favorite cast-on, the thumb method of the long-tail cast-on.

How to work a knit stitch:

Learn the most important stitch – the knit stitch!

How to work the purl stitch:

Learn to knit the purl stitch!

How to bind-off:

In this video I show you the most basic way of binding-off – this is how you finish off your project.

How to join a new ball of yarn:

When you run out of yarn and need to join a new ball of yarn, here is how you do it!

How to work back-and-forth on circular needles:

If you are working back-and-forth on a scarf, you don’t have to use straight needles – you can use a circular! In this video I show you how.

Joining to work in the round:

If you are working on a hat or cowl, you will be instructed to cast-on on a circular needle and then “join to work in the round” – this video shows you how.