What Row Am I On?

We’ve all been there, right? You think you’re keeping track of which row you are on in a stitch pattern, but then you get distracted and suddenly have no idea where you left off. There are lots of gadgets and methods out there for keeping track of what row you on but my favorite way? The simple, yet effective, post-it note!

This is how I kept track of which row I was on in the Acorn Lace st pattern when working my Happy Harvest. Simply stick it under whatever your current row is. And after you finish a row, just make sure to right away stick it under the next row – this way if you walk away from your knitting, get distracted or it’s time to go to bed, you’ll exactly which row you are on the next time you’re ready to knit!

Also, in Happy Harvest pattern, I made sure to put the written out Acorn Lace pattern on its own separate page, with the written instructions taking up the top half and the chart on the bottom – this way you can easily fold the page in half and, depending on your preference, have a large-print single page of the pattern that is not attached to the rest of the instructions.

I always find it helpful to have it setup this way, and I hope you do too!