Adjusting Length in Happy Harvest

Shorten your Happy Harvest in 4 Easy Steps

The Happy Harvest poncho was designed to be a bit oversized, but not everyone wants or needs to exact same length (depending on your preferred fit or your body height). In the below picture, I am modeling my Happy Harvest sample – as a frame of reference, I am around 5’7″…

On my body, the back of the piece just about covers my behind. However, if you are a bit shorter, or if you just prefer a shorter length, altering the length is easy peasy. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Figure out your desired back length (“x”)

  • As written, the back of the poncho from the back of your neck down to the hem is 26.75 (27.5, 28.25)”/68 (70, 72) cm (depending on which size you are doing). Take a measuring tape and measure yourself from the back of your neck down and see where this measurement falls on you (it may help to have someone help you with this!), and then you can decide where you would prefer it to fall – write down this number (we will call this desired back length measurement “x”).
  • Alternatively, if you have a sweater/vest/poncho that you love the length of, take it out and measure it to get your “x” amount.

Step 2: Figure out the difference (“y”):

  • Subtract “x” from 26.75 (27.5, 28.25)”/68 (70, 72) cm (depending on your size). This number will be referred to as “y” (the amount of inches/cm you want to remove).
  • Note: To keep the original shape of the garment (the Front shorter than the Back), you will be removing “y” length from both the Front and the Back.

Step 3: How to work the Front:

  • When working the Front piece, in the “Body” section, work “y” inches/cm less than the 12”/30 cm length listed – so 12”/30cm – “y” = actual length you will work.

Step 4: How to Work the Back:

  • When working the Back piece, in the “Body + Yoke” section, work “y” inches/cm less than the 20 (20.75, 21.5)”/51 (53, 55) cm length listed – so 20 (20.75, 21.5)”/51 (53, 55) cm – “y” = actual length you will work.

And that’s it! As I mention in the pattern instructions, because Ultra Wool Chunky is a 100% superwash wool yarn, it will likely stretch in length after blocking. Keep this in mind as you are knitting your garment.