Acorn Lace Stitch Pattern

The Acorn Lace stitch pattern is used in my Happy Harvest piece and it’s such a fun pattern to work! It’s a 8 row stitch pattern, where all but 2 rows just consist of knits and purls – easy enough, right? It’s a basketweave type of pattern, so many of the rows are worked k3, p3 or p3, k3. The eyelets you see are created by working a row that consists of YO‘s and k3tog‘s. And see that neat stitch that borders the stitch pattern and the Garter stitch edge? That’s a sl1 that is worked as the first and last stitch on every right side row. So let’s dig in…I won’t go over how to work k3 or p3 since that is pretty basic. But I have created some photo tutorials on how to work the following:

  • Sl1 (slip 1 stitch)
  • YO, k3tog, YO (yarn-over, knit 3 together, yarn-over)