Find Your Fit Interactive Workshop

Picking a size can often be the trickiest part of actually knitting a sweater. Unlike shopping for store-bought sweaters where you can try on multiple sizes, knitters have to navigate through the concept of ‘positive ease’ and how that is affected by construction-type and learn what their preferred fit is for these different styles (usually through trial & error!). And for newer garment knitters, this whole “picking a size” decision-making process can be overwhelming.

So I decided to create a virtual, interactive (and size inclusive) workshop, tailored just for local yarn shops to help knitters learn more about how to find their preferred fit and provide them the opportunity to try on multiple sizes of a garment so they can have a hands-on experience learning about positive ease. In my Find Your Fit Interactive Workshop, I provide:

  • A 1-hour, live virtual Zoom lesson and Q&A for your customers, where they will learn tips about ease, fit and deciding on what size to knit; and
  • I mail to your shop 9 different samples of my Layla Cardigan which have been knit in 8 different sizes (ranging from 37″ to 64″), so your workshop attendees can try on these samples in person and learn first-hand which amounts of positive ease they may prefer. I consider this the “try-on sweater party” portion of the workshop!

This unique workshop provides both the education and tips of a typical Zoom class but paired with the hands-on experience of a size-inclusive try-on sweater party. Having so many different sizes knit up of one design would be very time-consuming for one shop (not to mention the sample knitting expense). So I’ve done all the hard work for you so you can just focus on providing a fun workshop event where your customers can learn more about sizing, ease and finding their preferred fit.

Interested in learning more? Here are some more knitty-gritty details:

The Layla Cardigan Samples

As mentioned above, the pattern I chose was my Layla Cardigan – a seamless, drop-shoulder cardigan available in 10 different sizes and worked in 2 colors of worsted-weight yarn.

Layla knit with 1 solid yarn and 1 self-striping yarn
Layla knit with 2 colors and worked in 1-row stripes throughout.
All 9 Layla samples, from 37″ to 64″ circumference.

I chose my Layla cardigan for this workshop for a few reasons:

  1. It has a drop-shoulder construction-style. As you probably know, this type of construction typically calls for more positive ease and a wider range of ease amounts, and thus often generates the most amount of questions from knitters. And because of the wider ease range, there are often multiple sizes that will “fit” – it all comes down to preferred fit, so the opportunity to try on multiple sizes will be so valuable for your customers!
  2. It’s a cardigan. So for a try-on sweater party, it’s much easier for people to try-on.
  3. It’s a good ‘first sweater’ project. Its simple, seamless construction and silhouette lends itself to being a great first garment project. So the trunk show event can not only be a good opportunity for all knitters to test out different ease-amounts, but it’s also a chance for newer knitters to dive into the world of sweater knitting!
  4. Yarn versatility. It calls for worsted-weight yarn (with a gauge of 18 sts = 4″) and you can either use 2 colors and stripe them throughout or use 1 main color and 1 self-striping yarn.

What yarns are used in the samples?

As a yarn shop, I know one of the important questions is what yarn is used in the workshop samples that you will receive. This way the workshop is not only an educational opportunity for your customers, but also a great way for you to sell more yarn. I tried to vary the samples a bit (so that people could see how different yarns would drape), but the overwhelming majority of yarns are by Berroco. Here are the full details of each of the samples:

Size 1 (37″) in Berroco Ultra Alpaca/Lang Frida
Size 2 (41″) in Berroco Ultra Alpaca/Berroco Sesame

Size 3 (45″) in Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok/Noro Akari
Size 3 (45″) in Quince & Co Lark
Size 4 (49″) in Berroco Pima 100
Size 5 (53″) in Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok
Size 6 (57″) in Berroco Ultra Wool
Size 7 (61″) in Berroco Remix/Berroco Sesame
Size 8 (64″) in Berroco Ultra Wool


The price to you for this workshop is $600 plus shipping. This includes:

  • A 1-hour live virtual Zoom class and Q&A hosted by me.
  • 9 different Layla samples (in 8 different sizes) at your shop for your workshop event.
  • Marketing assets you can use to promote and sell the workshop event to your customers as well as flyers you can print for in-store use.

Workshop Event Ideas

Although it’s totally up to you how you want to host your Find your Fit workshop (since as a shop owner you know your clientele better than anyone!), here are some ideas:

Make it a Party

Have snacks and beverages for your attendees and make it a fun, special event – an opportunity for your customers to get out and socialize with other knitters in their community.

After-Hours for Private Shopping

If you host the event after regular shop hours, it can allow for a private shopping experience for your attendees. This can make your event feel even more exclusive and special for your attendees!

Make it a KAL

Do KAL’s work well for your shop? Layla makes a great KAL piece since it’s beginner-friendly and there are so many yarn options to pick from. The workshop and try-on sweater party could be the kick-off event to your Layla KAL!

If you have the ability to broadcast the Zoom at your shop you can combine my Zoom appearance and lesson with the try-on sweater party. But if not, we could hold the live Zoom lesson separately (so your workshop attendees can attend virtually), and then you would host the try-on sweater party shortly thereafter. Either way, the Zoom will be recorded (but password protected) so you can share the recorded link to those who cannot attend the lesson live.

Interested in participating? Let’s chat!

I’d love to work with you on creating a fun and informative workshop event. Email me and let’s chat! Reach me directly at: