Farro Tips

On this page you’ll find links to tutorials for many of the techniques used in my Farro vest pattern. This page reviews the following techniques:

Long-Tail Cast-On

I like using the thumb method of this cast-on. I have a video tutorial below!

skp and sk2p

These two decreases are used in the lace stitch pattern – check out my two videos below:

k2tog and ssk

When working the a-line body shaping, as well as the v-neck shaping, you’ll be working k2tog and ssk techniques. See my videos below:

Three Needle Bind-Off

This techique is used to attach Front and Back shoulders together:

Blocking your Farro

I created a photo tutorial of how I wet blocked my Farro vest – check it out here! If you prefer to see a video, you can check out my blocking video here. I use a different pattern, but the techniques are the same regardless of the pattern.