Coming Home Tips

On this page you’ll find tips & tutorials about making the Coming Home scarf/wrap!

Yarn Choice

Coming Home calls for DK-weight yarn – for all of my samples I used Dirty Water Dyework’s Edna yarn, a wool/silk blend. I love working with this yarn! You would need either 3 skeins of the regular 100 gram Edna skeins, or just 1 skein of her Edna Extra. In my video demo (featured below), I used Duo by Sandness Garn – a merino/cotton blend (you would need 6 skeins of this yarn). Interested in knitting this up in a different weight yarn? Check out my tips below…

Adapting pattern for a different weight yarn:

This pattern is easy to adjust for a different weight yarn – you just need to cast-on a different amount of stitches and the number of stitches you cast-on needs to be a multiple of 7. If you would like more specific guidance, check out the table below of a few different alternative yarn-weights (if you want to double check this based on a particular yarn you have in mind, feel free to reach out to me!):

fingeringUS 4350875
sportUS 6322800
worstedUS 9266645

Garter Lace Ladder Stitch

Check out my video tutorial below that walks you through exactly how to work the stitch pattern in this design:

How to style your Coming Home scarf

There are multiple ways you can wear your Coming Home scarf/wrap! You can wear it like a wrap, draped around your back and shoulders like this:

Or wear just over your shoulders like a regular scarf (bunched up a bit):

Or, wrap it around your neck twice for a cozier scarf fit: