Bosco Tips

On this page you’ll find links to tutorials for many of the techniques used in my Bosco pullover pattern. This page reviews the following techniques:

Long-Tail Cast-On

I like using the thumb method of this cast-on. I have a video tutorial below!

Joining to work in the round:

After you cast-on stitches for your hem, you’re instructed to place a beginning of round marker and join for working in the round. If you have never done this before, check out my video below:

Knitted-On Cast-On:

After you have worked the body from the hem to the underarm, you’ll encounter the “Separate Front & Back” section. Here is where you’ll start working the Front and Back separately – and to start, you’ll use the knitted-on cast-on to cast-on a couple of stitches on either side (of each Front & Back). Below is my video that shows you how to do the knitted-on cast-on:

Wrap & Turn Short Rows:

To shape the shoulders, short rows are used. I use wrap and turn short rows. Check out my part 1 video that shows how to the do the actual “wrap and turn” and here’s my part 2 which shows how to work the wraps as you reach them (at the end). Bosco is worked in broken rib and not in Stockinette stitch (as in my video example), but the techniques used are very similar regardless.

Three Needle Bind-Off:

Each shoulder is “seamed” together using the three needle bind-off technique. My below video shows you how this technique is worked:

Picking Up Stitches:

You’ll be instructed to pick up stitches around each armhole (to then create the sleeves). If you have never picked up stitches before, you can refer to my tutorial page here.