Weaving in Ends in Azalea

On this tutorial page I’ll be providing tips and a video tutorial for how to weave in your ends in Azalea!

Tip #1: Utilize the duplicate stitch

My favorite method for weaving in ends in almost any location in a sweater is the duplicate stitch. I wrote this blog post on this topic that I recommend you take a look at first. I show this method is my video as well and utilize it almost all of the areas where I’m weaving in ends.

Tip #2: Don’t be afraid to undo and try again

Weaving in ends is often an exercise in trial and error – you weave in an end, take a look at the RS of your work to make sure it looks ok and if it doesn’t, just undo-it and try again. In the video tutorial I even show you how to undo it and you’ll see how easy it is.

In the below video tutorial, I show you exactly how I weaved in ends in my Azalea top, providing examples for weaving in ends at the: side (where I joined a new skein), at the underarms, at the neckline and at the sleeve cuff.